Juliana Carpino is a young Film Director and Writer based out of both Los Angeles, California and Toronto, Ontario.

From the age of 5 years old, Juliana wanted to create anything she could. She would set up scenes with her friends and family and tape them on their family camcorder. Her father would edit it and create credits at the end with her name beside, reading; “Director, Producer, and Cinematographer”. That was the first time Juliana saw her name on a television screen.


As a young teen, Juliana went onto travel third world countries. She says those were the moments she realized how many people are actually living in the world; and how every person she met, had a story to share.


Juliana returned home and continued studying anything she could get her hands on about Motion Picture storytelling. Shortly following that, Juliana became a member of WIFT-Toronto and soon plans on joining the Directors Guild of Canada.


“If I can carry a baby, I can carry a camera.” - Juliana Carpino 2016

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